Our Educational courses

Arohana Tech is a dynamic and forward-thinking company specializing in the development of educational content.

Textbook Solutions

We produce answers for a range of writers, editors, and boards. We make it possible for organisations working in the global education industry to provide their pupils with comprehensive explanations and textbook solutions.

Online tutoring

Our online instructors, who are skilled in clearly and interactively explaining concepts, assist us in providing online tutoring services. All skill levels, from novice to expert, are covered by the papers that our team of e-learning solution providers generates.

Doubt Solutions

We offer answers to different types of doubts for numerous national and international clients’ portals. We make it possible for organisations in the global education sector to provide comprehensive answer explanations to their pupils.


Our alt-text authors worked tremendously hard to make our content as accessible as possible. Because of their excellent writing abilities, our authors can produce explanations that are exact and clear.

Our Clients

  • In addition to EdTech pioneers like Brainly, Photomath, Chegg, Bartleby, and Course Hero, we have worked with a number of foreign clients from the North American, UK, and Australian sectors.
  • We have worked with a few other national clients in addition to Byjus, Unacademy, Vedantu, UpGrad, Toppr, Lido, Educomp, Cuemath, Hurix, and Embibe.
  • Acadecraft, Trivium, Aptara, Evelyn, and other national content production companies have all worked with us.

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